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How to get all Agumon evolutions in Digimon Survive

As you well know, Agumon is one of the most recognizable digimon in the series, a creature that will practically accompany us from the first moment, in the form of that little orange dinosaur that, however, can evolve into countless other much more powerful creatures. and big. Well, it can evolve up to 11 different ... Read moreRead More

Chromecast Ultra, Google’s streaming device

Google continues to bring state-of-the-art technology to the market and this time it provides us with a device that improves audiovisual conditions, such as bringing the cinema home with the best image and sound quality: this is the new Chromecast UltraGoogle’s new streaming device. What is Chromecast Ultra the streaming device? Streaming It comes from ... Read moreRead More

Serena Williams to retire after US Open

Serena Williams announced her retirement on Tuesday via a text published on the website of the American magazine Vogue. The tennis player, who will soon be celebrating her 41st birthday, has confirmed that she wants to become a mother for the second time. We thought she was eternal as the American marked the history of ... Read moreRead More